Night Owl

Mixed Coffee Bundle - Night Owl

Make sure you are prepared to get your daily Chamberlain Coffee in all situations. With this dope bundle, you will have your Chamberlain Coffee ready at all times. This bundle includes: 

2 x Night Owl - Coffee Bags

3 x 10 Night Owl Steeped Bags


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Fair Trade
California Made
USDA Organic


Let me spill the geeky details

Night Owl figure

Well-balanced and intense with seasonal coffees from the Americas and Asia. It excels as an exciting, engaging espresso or richly harmonious filter brew. With intense, dark, balanced and deep high-tones, this is a gorgeous, perspective-changing coffee, neat or with milk.

Caffeine strength Night Owl
The level of caffeine in the given coffee blend.
Harvest Calendar
April - December
When is the coffee harvested throughout the year.
1800 MASL
Higher elevation makes harder beans that equals a stronger taste. MASL is a measure for height above sea level.
Washed processed
How is the coffee processed.

Fair trade

Responsibly sourced fair trade product


USDA certified organic product

Freshly made

Freshly made delivered right to your door

California made

Made at our local facility in California

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