Coffee isn’t just coffee. It comes in a great variety of different forms and tastes. Some scientists even argue that there are as many different coffee types as there are planets in the universe… Okay, we made that up. But still. It’s a jungle out there. This is why we made this cool overview of Chamberlain Coffee’s different coffee types.

Single Serve

Our single serve coffee is the easiest way to enjoy your favorite blend of Chamberlain Coffee. Perfect for those that don’t have time or just don’t wanna sit there waiting for your coffee maker to finish doing whatever it does. If that sounds like you, then our single serve steeped bags are your new best friend (seriously tho… it will never let you down). Pour, dunk, steep, and drink. How easy is that?


If you enjoy opening a bag of fresh ground coffee and scooping that delicious stuff into your coffee maker or a manual pour over, you should pick our ground coffee. It’s so good. No special barista skills or fancy equipment required. With ground coffee you can experiment with so many cool brewing methods and basically find your coffee personality. Oh and if you don’t know what the hell I meant by “brewing methods” (it’s ok, you’re not alone), read this. Brewing methods for ground coffee includes French Press, Drip or filtered, Pour over, and Cold brew.

Whole Beans

Whole beans are the way to go for all coffee connoisseurs that don’t mind spending more time and money to make a delicious cup of coffee. With whole bean coffee you control your brew by adjusting the grind size and method to whatever floats your boat. Whole beans also are great because they stay fresh for a longer period of time, that way you know you’ll be getting the freshest and most aromatic cup of coffee every time you make one.